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This has been something Beard Laws has done on social media for awhile and everyone seems to enjoy it so let's make it a thing! 

Everyone loves to vote on a beard! 
So we made the beard ranking dreams come true! Simply click any picture and the stars on the left to vote 1-10! We will be having weekly/monthly contests and so much more. 
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Finally the Beard Rankings Website Is Complete. Feel Free to Vote On The Beards! Maybe we turn this into a contest so you can win some stuff. Who knows! Make your suggestions and let us know what you would like to see! To vote simply click the image and then click the star on the left of the picture. You then click which start 1-10 on how you rank the beard. This is all viewer voting. I think maybe we should do weekly or monthly contests what do you think? 

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Beard Rankings

The first ever website where you can rank all of the amazing beards in the world! 

Photo contest ist over
Photo contest ist over


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